Copywriting & Content Strategy

Regularly tasked with making words come alive in both print and Web mediums, I understand what drives traffic and what is quality content. When I sign on to a web content, ghostwriting, or blog project, I don’t just worry about words. Instead, I use a well-rounded, 360-degree marketing approach to help you put those words to their best use.

The following are a few examples of how I have helped clients:

Accenture Federal, USPS

Contracted as a marketing copywriter and content strategist for Accenture Federal Service’s United States Postal Service business customer engagement project. Cross-referenced metrics, past results, and industry research to develop email and landing page content that would reach customers most effectively. Wrote creative briefs and conceived email marketing concepts for business customers based on key drivers of churn identified in online surveys. Worked independently to develop content and collaborated with graphic designer, campaign manager, business consultants, and analytics team to ensure a cohesive look and feel and consistent with the USPS tone.

Destination DC

When Washington, D.C.’s tourism arm called for a total site revamp, I was excited to write fresh, hip and cohesive copy about what to see, eat and do in 16 city neighborhoods.

U.S. EPA, HHS, New York State Department of Transportation, and Project Hope

Strategized and implemented paid and organic Facebook, Pandora, Google TV and Twitter campaigns while building Web, media and other partnerships to raise awareness and mobilize participants.


Streamlined and revamped internal communications mediums to better connect hundreds of employees and external partners around the country, and came up with and spearheaded the solution to produce multimedia videos, and write and edit an interactive blog and monthly internal newsletter to seal the gap.

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